Regrinding service

Regrinding Service

What is it, regrinding?

Regrinding tools service is offered by AMG Tools in order to grant a longer life to the tools and also a better quality of the pieces produced. It is known that if tools are not well sharpened they are subject to wear. Another disadvantage that comes from a wrong regrinding is a poor quality of the punching work.

How the regrinding is made

AMG Tools offers a fast and optimal regrinding service that can give a new life to ruined tools. Both standard and precision tools need this kind of service: from helical cutters to special tools, from special tips to tailor made tools, from reamers to sample tools, from threading cutters to inserts, a proper sharpening is needed. This occurs using up-to-date instruments: our team is qualified for using CNC regrinding machines according to special needs.

Which tools can be regrinded

As written above, the range of tools that can be regrinded is very wide: it is worth to mention among the others, steel reamers, blade for mills, circle saws and metal tips. Standard regrinding machines are used exactly for this purpose, but in order to satisfy any need and for any kind of tool, it is possible also to refer to special regrinding machines with special programs.

Why regrinding is so important

Regrinding tools needs precision and experience, for doing the good job expected from the tools. There are different ways of regrinding: a dry system or a water one, Koch system (that foresees a cut speed of 9.5 m/s) and the Sorby one (based on the use of canvas tapes). Dry regrinding can be made with grinders that can eliminate metal with a very fast speed cut.

Regrinding Machines

The sharpening of the tools is an activity that can be made also from the punching machine operators thanks to a regrinding machine highly performant and easy to use that we can offer to our customer after having evaluated their needs.