Moulds for press-brake machines

Moulds For Press-brake Machines

AMG Tools and the moulds for press-brake machines

The moulds for press-brake machines are part of AMG Tools catalogue, together with the moulds for cupping. Cupping permits to give to a metal sheet a tridimensional aspect, creating a volume. This procedure is used for realizing a big number of objects part of our life such as cases, caskets and pots.

How to use cupping moulds

During a cupping procedure, a metal sheet is put inside a shaped die that thanks to the push of a punch deforms the object that you need to create. Cupping is slower than cutting the sheet because the metal plate needs more time to be deformed: if you don't respect the correct time, you risk to have many defects, from tensioning to tears, till real breaking.

Which shapes can be realized?

Thanks to the moulds for press-brake machines it is possible to create different types of shapes, according to the functions. From ovals to cones, to cylinders, there are many options available. The materials used are selected according to the shape needed, considering therefore the mechanical properties and elastic characteristics.

A wide range of moulds

The moulds for forming the metal sheets are just an example of the many solutions that you'll find in AMG Tools catalogue: it is worth to mention, among the others the cutting moulds, that can be independent or specific for mechanical press machines or for hydraulic press machines, but also transfer moulds that are specific for robotic loops. In any case, our company grants the highest quality and reliability standards with solutions that ensure optimal performance even on a medium-long term.