Deforming sheets tools

Deforming Sheets Tools

AMG tools for deforming sheets

Also the tools for deforming sheets are part of AMG Tools catalogue; these are solutions finalized to optimize a process – the deformation of metal sheets – that requires the maximum precision. Our range includes the Jetform line as regards punching machines, while for press-brake machines there are specific moulds.
What are deforming tools used for
Deformation is a process which permits the plastic modification of the planarity of the sheet metal. The tools in our Jetform line allow this work to be carried out, allowing an even more efficient use of a punching machine. According to the needs of the customers, it is possible to choos between 2 types of insert holders, White and Green. The Green insert holders permit an accurate tool height adjustment, for the maximum performance on punching machines with an imprecise or without stroke adjustment. The White insert holders, therefore, are for extremely advantageous processes on modern punching machines, taking advantage from the stroke adjustment.

How tools are made

For the deformation tools, the controls are studied and realized for granting the highest productivity quality and for helping the operators to work in the easiest way in order to obtain excellent results since the first piece produced.
There are many kinds of deformations possible, and can also be mixed with some cutting working such as mintage or extrusion. The use of interchangeable inserts is for minimizing the costs coming from a new deformation.

The importance of lubrication

One of the most important characteristics of the tools used for deforming is the lubrication of the shearing area. Lubrication has an essential role on punching machines, particularly on punching moulds. During punching phases, small quantities of material get stuck to the tool surface. The lubricant oil with proper characteristics acts as a barrier between tool and material reducing significantly both friction and material build up on the tool surface.