Tools for punch press machines

Tools For Punch Press Machines

AMG Tools for punching machines

AMG catalogue offers tools both for Trumpf's and Euromac's punching machines, and gives to its customers clever solutions based on new technologies that guarantee always the very best performance. The tools for punches and dies are essential for reaching the highest precision standards, needed for products that must grant always the greatest service.

Dies and Punches

All the dies must be submitted to specific heat treatments and be characterized of a focused geometry: in this way the structural forces can be managed without efforts and the tools can last longer. The tools for punching machines do not only permit the cut of the metal foil or the punching of different profiles safely, but offer also the opportunity of realizing working in the third dimension. And that's not all: it is possible also to actualize a wide range of forming, such as bending and threading.

Not just punches and dies

Punches and dies are the principal tools, but our range is much wider: there are adapters and tools for special workings. For example there are tools used for marking, thanks to them it is possible to mark, carve or coin any kind of component, such as the logo of a company or serial numbers. The adaptors, in particular, are realized with steels that are able to resist to the highest stress and are based on tolerances studied especially in order to ensure the perfect seat inside the punching machine sothat the best care for the position of the die.

That's why tools are fundamental

Thanks to AMG Tools it is possible to count on a wide range of punching tools, in order to satisfy the needs of those who want a standard solution but also for those who need special solutions. It is worth to underline which are the negative effects that could occur in case a forming or a punching machine would be deprived of the needed tools. That's why the tools for Trumpf and Euromac punching machines are essential, as they have been developed especially for the machines that need them, permitting them to work in the best way.

The best brands of tools for punching machines

AMG Tools proposes complete solutions for CNC punching machines such as Amada, Euromac, Finn-Power, Murata Wiedemann, Trumpf®, Rainer, Technology, so that tools for: Boschert, Rainer Manuale, Nisshimbo, Omes-Haco, Behrens, Fim, Imac, Simasv, Ficep, Omera, Geka, lms, Vem-Mubea, Ogura and much more.